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I have been coaching High School Football in Colorado for over 15 years. My coaching is based on the principles I learned playing High School and College Football at Northwestern College in Iowa. The lessons I learned about hard work, discipline, and commitment are transferred to my coaching, therefore I bring out the best in my Athletes.

When you hire Coach Brian, you are not only getting a football coach, but you are also gaining a speed and agility coach as well as a strength and conditioning coach. Having all three types of coaches within one coach, really cuts costs as well as enhances your athletes abilities to reach the next level quicker.

Currently Coach Brian is the #1 rated football coach on CoachUp in Colorado and #11 in the Nation for football on CoachUp. Coach Brian is also the owner and head coach at CBH Sports and holds certifications in Bigger Faster Stronger, USA Weightlifting, Physical Education in the State of Colorado as well as American Sport Education Program. Coach Brian has worked with all types of athletes and as you read the reviews and testimonials, you will NOT find one negative review.

Coach Brian's greatest specialty is helping clients find success in a program tailored to the athlete, not the cookie cutter training that most athletes receive in other programs. Finding what helps you succeed, sets you apart from the rest of the competition.



1 session to get an understanding of a coaching session with Coach Brian.

Session Length: 1 hour


trial PLUS package

3 sessions will be able to help build a few skills to get ready to play the game of football.

Session Length: 1 hour



5 sessions is a good start to increasing your skills and techniques to play the position with partial proficiency.

Session Length: 1 hour



10 sessions is a great start to reaching the next level. Develop and apply skills and techniques to own your opponent.

Session Length: 1 hour