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Homeschool Fitness Club is a way for your child to burn off that extra energy while they are gaining physical skills that they long for. Kids love to play sports, tag, or friendly neighborhood games where competition happens naturally. Homeschool Fitness Club will help kids run faster, jump higher, become stronger and have more fun playing the games they want to play. 

Who can join the CLUB?

  • Homeschool ages 8 and up (includes parents).

  • Parents looking for a PE alternative.

  • A homeschool family who wants to increase strength and endurance.

  • Homeschool Athletes who want to gain that competitive edge.

  • Parents looking to help their child(ren) gain focus during the day.

Kettle Ball

What are the Benefits of Fitness Club?

Done properly, Fitness Club will:

  • Help you become quicker and more capable in playing games.

  • Increase your strength to be more competitive mentally and physically.

  • Get the wiggles out to get your school work done.

  • Begin a life long habit of exercise.

Why Train Online with

CBH Sports...

The online benefits are...

  • A flexible schedule - Workout when convenient for you. 

  • Mobility - Anywhere, Anytime.

  • Affordable - Less expensive then joining a gym for the whole family.

  • Community - Join the FORUM to get questions answered.

  • Online Support - 24/7 Access

  • Earn Physical Education Credits

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How does it work?

The way this works is very simple.  You will have the opportunity to...

  • Pay for a program that is built for the entire family through PayPal.

  • After payment, you will be redirected to a Members Access Section where you will fill out a simple form. 
  • Then you will then be sent instructions to download (or you can sign in here or Login at the menu bar on top) with a username and password which you can change for more convenience. 

  • Your workouts will be ready within 24 hours of signing up. 

  • Follow the instructions during your workout and see success.

That's it, pretty easy!

What equipment will I need for this program?

This program is geared for the entire homeschool family, so the equipment needed will be minimal.

However, you may need a few items to help you reach the full potential of this program...

  • Backpack that you can put books in for added weight. (best option if on a budget)

  • Sandbag for that unequal weight distribution, you may purchase here. Another budget friendly option.

  • Dumbbells or barbell Here are some options, if you are interested (Use Affiliate Code: CBH-BFS)

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CrossFit Equipment

What if the program is too hard or too easy?

This program can be modified to fit all of your needs. When you are going through workout and if you have someone who can't keep up, decrease the reps and/or time. If you have someone who is flying through the program, increase the reps and/or time.

CBH Sports is an Affiliate of Brute Force and PT Distinction. You will see some Brute Force and PT Distinction exercises on the program.
Example Exercise

How to perform the bodyweight squat...

- Stand with your feet parallel and a comfortable distance apart with your weight
evenly distributed between both legs.

- Keeping your chest up, bend at your knees then hips to lower your bum down
towards the ground behind you.

- Go as low as you can with control, ideally your hips should go below your knees.

- Keeping your weight evenly distributed, push up as fast as you can.

What's Included?

Homeschool Fitness Club is different then what you have ever seen. This is what is included...

  • 12 Week workout plan.

  • Videos and Descriptions on how to perform each exercise. 

  • Bi-weekly Success Chats

  • Become a FREE member of CBH Sports Forum and ask questions if need be. 

  • Membership also connects you to Coaches Corner, CBH Sports Blog.

  • Have access to CBH Sports 24/7 through our messaging and Forums

  • Check your form or technique with video access through the workout portal that Coach Brian will critique. 

  • Coaching when you need it.

  • Points Program to help you continue with CBH Sports.



$199 PER FAMILY for a 12 WEEK Program

Levels may be repeated, not necessary to move up!


Everyone starts here!


  • Learn the Program.

  • Practice entering reps and time.

  • 3 Days a week for 12 Weeks

  • 2 Test Days for strength.

  • Scalable System.



  • Time to step it up a level.

  • 3 Days a week for 12 weeks.

  • 2 Test Days for strength.

  • Scalable System.

  • 2 Extra sets per day.



  • We are now adding timed sets to this workout.

  • 4 Days a Week.

  • 2 Test Days

  • Scalable System


Advanced II

  • Plyometrics, Calisthenics, Speed, Power, and Strength rolled up in one 12 week program.

  • Scalable System.

  • 3 Test Days.

  • 4 Days a week.


Advanced III


  • Scalable System.

  • 3 Test Days.

  • 5 Days a week for 12 weeks.

  • ALL Level 4, but more enhanced.



These workouts offer me exactly what I have been looking for: consistency and a challenge that is doable. In just 6 weeks on this program, I feel 100x more healthy and fit than I did before!


This is a great workout program! The instruction are easy to follow and with the video tutorials, I can make sure I am doing it right. The workouts set a good pace that is challenging, and while it sets the standard for what you should strive for, it allows you to start where you are at. This gives great flexibility to the workouts, which is Fantastic! Definitely a perfect program for anyone trying to get into working out!


Mr. Hoffman has always been so fun to work with. He's organized and knows exactly what he's doing. Mr. Hoffman has the experience to train people in such a way that will make them better at sports and feel good about their bodies.