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Whether you are getting ready for the football season, track season, or some other sport (including Skeleton bobsled), I will help you reach the Next Level. CBH Sports programs have helped many athletes gain skills, speed, and strength with proven systems and coaching philosophies. 

Why choose cbh sports?

  • Your program is designed just for YOU.

  • Coach Brian is a certified PE teacher, American Sport Education Program Certified, Bigger Faster Stronger Certified, and USA Weightlifting Certified with over 20 years of combined experience.

  • We are accessible to you 24/7.

  • Training programs realistic to your goals.

benefits to hiring a coach to reach the next level

  • Extra Attention for Your Athlete

    • Depending on your athlete’s age and sport, they might be practicing with their club or school team. However, these teams often struggle to give each athlete the specific attention they may need to truly develop their skills. Signing your athlete up for additional coaching will provide them with the attention to detail they require. An experienced private coach will critique and break down movements with drills and fundamentals.

  • Practice Makes Perfect

    • A private coach will teach them good habits and with further repetition these good habits will stick, resulting in an overall improvement in sporting performance.

  • Relationship

    • Research has shown that coaches who cultivate a relationship with the athlete are the ones they learn from the most.​  Athletes respond better to people who can communicate, stay calm, and who really care about them and their sport.

  • Dedicate Time

    • Setting up lessons for your athlete is a great way to schedule and plan special time for them to work on their sport. Many athletes have a lot of things happening in their lives that take up time. With so many distractions, there are always reasons to turn down extra practice, but when they commit to private sports lessons they are setting aside times and dates with a third-party.

  • No Arguing

    • There is nothing more frustrating than arguments between a parent and a child over practice, and that is exactly what tends to happen as your athlete gets older. Instead of arguing over sports fundamentals, skills and drills, hire a coach for these lessons. Athletes often show more respect, and trust in an expert.​

  • Optimized Time

    • Not every parent will be an expert in their athlete’s sport of choice and even those who are may identify the need for a professional coach to provide one-to-one tutoring. A private coach will generally have experience of coaching at various age groups and ability levels. The coach will know the best approach and practices to get their point across. Even the smallest of gains can inspire a youngster to keep working on their skills and increase their passion for the sport.



CoachUp is the easiest, safest and most affordable way to connect with an experienced coach who can help you improve your athletic performance and reach your individual goals.

For your convenience, CBH Sports uses CoachUp.com for booking and scheduling needs. 

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Customer Reviews


On time, personable, obviously knowledgeable and experienced. Had a nice rapport going with my son.


Coach Brain was awesome. Took me back to the roots of working out “Body weight and running”.


Coach Brian is a amazing coach, he helped me improve in a lot of different categories. I feel like a better athlete then ever before.