Speed, Agility, Quickness

 SAQ training is designed to mimic game situations and your body's ability to react, slow down, speed up, stop, and make wise movement decisions quickly.

SAQ drills focus on running mechanics, movement efficiency, coordination and reaction training . Obviously, this type of training enhances muscle strength, endurance and motor skills. However, another main benefit of SAQ training is injury prevention, or "pre-habilitation." This applies to the athlete and non-athlete alike.

SAQ training improves balance, power and neuromuscular firing patterns.  This type of training consists of short, intense drills that involve quick acceleration and deceleration while moving backward, forward or side-to-side.

What is SAQ?


General refers to the speed of which you’re able to move your arms and legs, in a way that allows you to move as fast as possible in a straight line. This is often referred to as linear speed. If you notice you have difficulty keeping up with or breaking away from your teammates and competitors, you will likely benefit from adding speed drills.


While speed refers to moving in a straight line, agility is the ability to change direction quickly and effectively. If you struggle moving side-to-side, or find yourself off balance a lot, agility training will help improve your performance.


While speed and agility rely on a combination of core and lower-body strength, quickness refers to your body’s reflexive reactions. Quickness measures your instant and rapid responses, and drills to improve these abilities usually only last several seconds. If you have trouble getting your body into position quickly or lack explosiveness in your first few steps, adding quickness drills to increase your reaction time will help you be a quicker athlete.

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