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Brute Force Sandbags
Tactical Strength Training

“Functional” training has gained tremendous momentum, over the past decade, earning its very own fitness programming category, and continues to top the American College of Sports Medicine’s coveted annual top ten leading fitness trends in the world. It also continues to be a key focus for the Tactical Strength and Conditioning industry and is a becoming a mainstream component to fitness regimens in the Military, Law Enforcement and Fire Services.

Enter *unstable load training; the ability to unconventionally move/lift an odd object, unstable, or uneven load efficiently and effectively.

Unstable load training is the single most effective training concept to develop neuromuscular coordination and stability adaptations necessary to perform effectively in the unpredictable and ever changing tactical environment. The gear provides relevant training that is directly transferable to the day in, day out requirements of Military, Law Enforcement, Fire and EMS Service Personnel. Yes, this includes hunters for this category. In many cases, Tactical Athletes must utilize functional, and typically unstable, movements to perform the task at hand. Odd object, unstable load training is the most realistic and functional way for a Tactical Athlete to train for a constantly changing environment.

Description derived from Brute Force!

Tactical Sandbag Training

Tactical personnel are often in areas, positions, and dangers that many of use can't fathom, however, we want to help them be the best they can possibly be with the correct form of strength training. 

Sandbag strength training gives our tactical athletes the tools to gain strength with uneven, unstable, and odd loads efficiently and effectively. The sandbag is that load that will prepare you for the fight. 

CBH Sports Strength Training with Sandbags will help you prepare for...

CPAT - Candidate Physical Abilities Test, which includes

  • Stair Climb

  • Hose Drag

  • Equipment Carry

  • Ladder Raise and Extension

  • Forcible Entry

  • Search

  • Rescue

  • Ceiling Breach and Pull

Military Physical Fitness Requirements

  • 2 Minutes of Push-Ups

  • 2 Minutes of Sit-Ups

  • 2 Mile Run

    • Let's train to be the best!​

Law Enforcement Officer (LEO) Training

EMS Training

Hunting and being able to drag your trophy out of the woods with ease.


Army Soldiers
CBH Sports is an Affiliate of
Brute Force Sandbags
Tactical Example Exercise

How to perform the Thruster...

  • Position the sandbag in the front rack position.

  • Keeping your chest spread, knees, toes aligned, and eyes on target. Squat down to parallel (Thighs parallel to the floor).

  • Stand back up while driving your elbows toward the ceiling (helps keep that back straight). Stand tall!

  • Transfer over to shoulder press, make sure to keep your knees slightly bent for better balance. 

  • Return to front rack and repeat.